About Us

About Us

Serenity Community Mental Health Center is a CARF Accredited Facility that offers Psychiatric and Psychological Services in the South Florida Community. We strive in providing the best possible service to our patients by ensuring that we have highly qualified staff that is knowledgeable and prepared to suit their needs.

Our Story

Serenity Community Mental Health Center’s story begins with a vision of its founder, Yadira Santana. As a Health Insurance Agent, she was touched by the needs of so many people that she met in the community. She understood that her calling was to provide access to those being affected by a mental health condition. This is where the idea of a Community Mental Health Center was born. Composed of skilled Psychiatric and Mental Health Professionals, Serenity CMHC continues carrying out this vision to help provide our community with the services to empower and change lives.



Yadira Santana


Yadira Santana is the Founder and CEO of Serenity Community Mental Health Center

Jessica Pujals, LMHC

Clinical Director

Jose Valdivia, MD

Medical Director